Athelas Therapeutic Riding, Inc. is committed to providing therapeutic and recreational horsemanship to enrich the lives of individuals with various physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities, as well as those from other vulnerable groups.
VOLUNTEER spotlight
Deb Gross was one of Athelas' most dedicated and fun loving volunteers. Debbie

about volunteering

Testimonials When I first started volunteering it was under the assumption that there was no strings attached. The opposite of an "obligation" if you would. A type of agreement with no contract or direct benefit in regards to me; the volunteer. - Eric Michael

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  • We are planning to do a soft opening and begin lessons starting Monday July 13th. Please click on this link to get the full instructions for our opening plan.
  • We are currently not in operation due to the COVID-19 closure mandate. We will reopen once the mandate is lifted and when we are confident we can carry out our program safely for our riders, volunteers and instructors. We appreciate your continued support during this historic pandemic and encourage you to make a small donation now to help us to care for our horses in our time of limited revenue.
  • When we reopen, we will be continuing with the schedule as previously established. We will provide updates on our web site and Facebook as we gain a better understanding of when we will can safely resume lessons. Our instructors will be contacting those individuals who have submitted completed and fully executed Rider Packets on a first come first serve basis once scheduling begins.
frequently asked QUESTIONS How can I get my child signed up? All you need to do is fill out our application and email it back to us or submit it in person. You can get it on our downloads page.

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